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Hey everybody...welcome to Kelly's world...Am just an ordinary girl who like to smile.Hope my smiles make your days as well...cheerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's complicated II

I don't know why...these few days my tears keep coming out...
Whenever i think of it,it can definitely make me cry for whole day,whole night.
I think too much and maybe care too much about you. It's never happened in my past relationships.
I don't know what makes me act like that.Sometimes i just feel i am so foolish.
I just wish,whenever I feel helpless and lonely,you can be my side,hug me tight and telling me that I will never be alone,whatever you will always be there for me.
Everyone think i am strong,independent.But I am NOT!!!Sometimes I still need a shoulder to lean on.Just to lean I too demanding???
I just feel tired...suddenly feel very tired...feel want to give up...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

When it's rainy day

When it's rainy day,it relax my mind,it cooled my messy mood,my complicated feeling...
I love rainy it....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's complicated

Was a poor quality sleep again yesterday...when only i can able to get a proper sleep???
Landlord was saying i was too stressed up,I denied!!! But now think of it,it might be!!But not due to work...but was you the cause. 
As a bf,you didn't contact me for whole day yesterday.IS that what a BF should do?Sometimes i m thinking of the reason we been together,the reason I accepted you,the reason we walked till today.
You told me you able to committed to me. But you just saying A and doing B!!!
It was been 2 months plus we been together,but till now we haven't go out as a couple...
You asking me not to think too much,but sometimes was the situation forced me to!!!
Maybe i am just not understanding enough as you was busy with work and your problems. I admitted it!!!But that's because i love you.
I love you,that's why i wanna know all about you.
I love you,that's why i wanna be with you
I love you,that's why i want you to share everything with me,not only happiness.
Even though,it seems that you not able to make it too...
You even didn't think of to share your birthday with can celebrate it with your besties,but not your gf...
I just wanna know what am I to you? A lover?Or just a temporary online gf?
I always hope you will be my last bf in my life...but is it possible? 
Tell me please.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Chapter's been a years i didn't updated my blog...
Today just logged in to make some editing to my previous blog and makes it nicer!!!!=)

Well,my working life had been started for one year already....and for the past one year i been working as a nutritionist in a nutritional supplement had been a wonderful experience as i learned a lots from my boss...he is such a knowledgeable person and taught me a lots, no matter in nutrition areas or other thing...

Now,it is the time to open a new chapter for my life...I going to be a Headhunter!!!!Woaw!!!!different line from i studied...but I would like to give myself a try on that...Hope myself can do it and perform the best!!!